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American fashion brand JOVANI: interview for FashionSpace.ru

Интервью : 12 ноября 2013

American fashion brand JOVANI: interview for FashionSpace.ru

- Dear Abraham Maslavi (JOVANI’s owner), how do you choose models for your fashion shows? 

JOVANI: It's always difficult to find a group of beautiful women. What do you want looking for find the group of beautiful women? Want to be brunet, blond, want to be black. We gonna beautiful assortment of models here, because we wanted all the girls, all the women to say that Jovani is for all of the women. So, we are looking for all different. And by luck we've got the best, and they really enjoy wearing dresses. They’re “flying” in the dresses, they look beautiful.

Also, I'm so happy to be here in Russia, the people are so kind, so nice and so creative and always everybody’s thinking about how to be artist, how to do something with their brain, write a poem, or make something or create something. The energy here is beyond, anything are imaging and it's my second time here and I would love to go Russia, I would love to travel Russia and to understand Russian soul, I feel very much as if I'm included here. And the ladies here really admire everything that is nice. And in the other corners of the world they don't always appreciate everything but here, when I'm watching my closes and I'm touching the fabrics with them they make me feel that all my work is really appreciate from the true, every detail and every thing that make the dress. I haven't noticed it anywhere else in the world.

The first shop is Kuwait, the director of this shop is my wife Noora. We just opened new shop here, opened Jovani shop here in Moscow, in Smolensky passage. We are hoping to make this mono-brand, and to take it to London, Paris, Milan and everywhere between, but I'm happy that Moscow is the first in Europe, because the women here are really appreciated and really beautiful. It's pleasure to see them in these dresses. Is it right, Noura?

Noura Meddeb: of course, I told him I except that the next step we hope to be is Paris. And London and so on. I can't wait to come back here. 

- What fashion week did you attend?

JOVANI: We did New York fashion week, and we with Noora I hope we'll go to Paris? 

- And why Moscow? 

JOVANI: Moscow deserves the best. I'm lucky to be here. It is gonna be one of the best fashion weeks in a few years. It’s going to be faster, faster and faster. Russia is over taking Europe in many things. And I think fashion is going to be one of them as well. And I think Moscow will be bigger than Milan, and it’s good to be here, to be one of the beginning to be here. And I would love to have my flat there. This country really attracts me. This country I’m going to visit tomorrow, I don’t know what else to say, but I’m going to visit!

- Is it difficult to create new collection? 

JOVANI: It is very hard. We work from morning till night, looking for ideas, thinking, thinking and thinking… We are the top designer in America and in the world I think, over all. But that means that we have to work ten times harder, because everybody is trying to be in your place. You have to work much harder to have the most special collection, the special colors, everything to be better. It's constantly working. When I come here I see that everybody appreciates and enjoys the collection. I feel so content to go back to work. I give very good energy from here. 

- Are there some trends in evening or wedding fashion? 

JOVANI: Constantly changing, constantly moving. I think after 1991 it took many years for the ladies to catch up with the fashion, but now I think is much more fashion, fashion-conscious and the body-conscious, style conscious, and almost all the other women. It is gonna be very interesting to come back here, in a few years. And I think the next generation will be probably number two in fashion. And It’s very exciting, it’s all positive energy. I can’t wait to create new things and also what I've heard that people would like it here more than in any other places. It turns that everybody here actually is asking for longer sleeves and a little bit more different color with Swarovski - it is dress for shy.

- What is fashion for JOVANI?

JOVANI: Something in the middle. Fashion is what explain the person. Fashion makes them separate it's like their name. It's not exactly to say that somebody's fashion is right or wrong. Everybody's fashion is correct. But some have different types of styling, and that is the difference in fashion. Older women have to conform that we are the same. In the west they are dressed too the same. And now every woman can look anyway she likes. They put yourself together, dress wise, accessory wise well put together. She can make her own fashion. That's why I'm so proud that so many women have chosen to wear Jovani. 

- What materials do you prefer?

JOVANI: We use a lot of different materials. We use a lot of silk, a lot of chiffons. A lot of velvet dresses. Suit chiffons for bright. We don’t do anything to make a dress less, we make the dress that look more, and that is the secret. When the women put Jovani she feels like Wow! Fashion help to join people and make everything together. Fashion can make every woman beautiful. Fashion makes the world beautiful. They can feel beautiful. Fashion is against everything bad,we have to love each other and so the world will be repaired!

Posted by Michael Konyzhev, Natalia Chernikova /fashionspace.ru

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